MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

Among many study abroad destinations to pursue higher education, Belarus is one of the most popular destinations. With huge competition and strict admission process in India, the medical students resort to other countries to study MBBS. Belarus is one of the least popular destinations for studying MBBS. As a surprising element, more than 15000 students from different countries across the globe join MBBS in Belarus, each year.

Belarus is a non-coastal country located in the Eastern Europe. The country is famous for the massive fortifications, Stalinist architecture, and primitive forests. It is considered one of the countries that carries the richness and traces of the history.Belarus silently gained great importance and preference among the students who wish to study MBBS abroad. Choosing Belarus for the higher education remains the best choice for the students.

BBelarus universities have worldwide recognition. It gives a solid hold in your academic career. Needless to say, these attributes apply to studying MBBS in Belarus.MBBS offered by the Universities in Belarus is internationally recognized. After completion of course students are eligible to appear in the various screening tests. In India, students must appear in the screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. Similarly, it also applies to appearing in screening tests like USMLE, SCHS, PLAB etc.

While English is the language of teaching and communication inside the campus, Belarusian is the local and official language of the country. Students may find it difficult to communicate outside the campus. Knowledge of Russian or Belarusian helps the students for better communication.

Population : 95 Lakhs
Language : Belarusian ,English,Russian
Climate : Belarus has a temperate-continental climate with moderate features which is characteristic for Central Europe, with hot summers, long, cold winters and very distinct seasons. Abundant Snowfall may occur throughout the country from December to sometimes early March.
Currency : Belarusian Ruble

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