About the university

City : Gomel
Country : Belarus
Degree Awarded : M.D. Physician (Undergraduate program)
Duration : 6 Years
Language of Instruction : English
Study Fee : 3500 USD Per Year

At this University, 205 highly qualified Professors, Senior lecturers and Assistants are working in 31 Departments. Indian Professors and Senior lecturers are also employed in the faculties.

1-2 courses of foreign students studying normal anatomy and histology, cytology and embryology, the general and bioorganic chemistry, medical biology and general genetics, normal physiology and biochemistry. Highly qualified faculty theoretical departments of the university provides teaching of basic medical disciplines at a high scientific and methodological level. Along with medical and biological subjects students study Russian and Latin.

Students of 3-4 courses studying clinical disciplines: pathological physiology and pathological anatomy, microbiology and pharmacology, general surgery and internal medicine propaedeutics, general hygiene, and others. The students first get acquainted with clinical bases of the University, the hospitals, where the foundation is laid for their future professional activity.

5-6 courses of foreign students studying surgical and internal medicine, pediatrics and ophthalmology, otolaryngology, infectious and tropical diseases, psychiatry and others. Each student in direct contact with patients participating in clinical rounds and consultations, diagnosis, treatment and manipulation at present operations.

Most of the students use their time for training. For self-students have the opportunity to engage in the reading room of the University Library in computer labs and student scientific circles, take part in student's scientific conferences, practical work in health care in Gomel.

Participation in student circles, creative contests, competitions and amateur sporting events make life of foreign students more intense.

Graduates of the faculty for training specialists for foreign countries awarded an international diploma with assignment of title < > (MD). Diploma attached extract from the estimates and the number of hours on the study of the subject, which was subsequently checked with the programs of national universities in the verification of the diploma overseas and the exam to confirm the qualification of the foreign citizen at home.

Graduates of the faculty for training specialists for foreign countries Gomel State Medical University successfully confirm diplomas at home and work by specialists from different fields of medicine in the EU, North America and others.

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