MBBS in Bulgaria

Many medical aspirants fly abroad to study MBBS. There are many foreign nations that offer MBBS, the undergraduate medical program for the Indian students. Hundreds of medical colleges and universities offer MCI approved medical courses, abroad. One of the countries that offer approved medical course is Bulgaria.

Is MBBS in Bulgaria good? Let us explore in detail about studying MBBS in Bulgaria.

MBBS in Bulgaria – An Overview

Bulgaria is located in the Central Europe. It is a member of the European Union. The country gained a lot of attention globally owing to the high quality education. It has become one of the most sought after destination for studying higher education. Especially, international students and Indian students who seek to study MBBS abroad prefer to pick Bulgaria as one of the destinations.

You need not worry about the fact, is MBBS in Bulgaria good. You can join MBBS in Bulgaria with ease in one of the best universities. More than 1000 students fly to Bulgaria to study MBBS every year, from all parts of the world. Hundreds of Indian students join MBBS in Bulgaria for excellent infrastructure, education quality, and great affordability.

Infrastructure of medical universities in Bulgaria is above par than the medical colleges in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It has already become one of the best destinations to study MBBS abroad.

MBBS study in Bulgaria for Indian students has become very easy in the recent past. Just like China, and Russia, many Indian students to study MBBS in Bulgaria. Many reputed medical universities and medical schools in Bulgaria received the recognition of the Medical Council of India. Quick Facts about Studying MBBS in Bulgaria

The country has established a name and reputed for offering quality education on par with the global standards in the medical science field for centuries.

All medical programs offered by the medical universities of Bulgaria are duly recognized by the World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India. Being a member of European Union Countries, the degrees and educational programs are offered throughout the Europe.

Bulgarian medical professionals carved a reputation across the world. All medical universities charge reasonable fee. MBBS in Bulgaria fee structure is very much affordable when compared with the cost of MBBS in India. Bulgaria MBBS cost inclusive of all expenses is not high. Cost of living is very much affordable.

Students get the option to pay the tuition fees in two installments. English is the major language and all classes are conducted in English. All medical universities provide on-campus hostel facilities. Besides, students can also get accommodation in other places. While some students may want to settle abroad after completion of MBBS, studying MBBS in Bulgaria makes the best bet. Students can choose the option to start practicing in Europe. Processing education visa to Bulgaria is relatively simple and easy. When you submit all necessary documents it takes no more than 6 weeks to get the visa delivered.

MBBS in Bulgaria – Duration of the Course
  • Duration of studying MBBS in Bulgaria is 6 years.
  • It comprises of 5 years academic program and 1 year compulsory internship.
  • Students don’t have the option to skip the training and continue the same in India. It is mandatory to complete the internship program at Bulgaria itself.
  • Academic courses are divided into two semesters.
  • First two years of study involves pre-medical studies
  • Last three years of study involves clinical subjects
  • Last year – practical training on rotational basis in the respective hospital attached to the medical college or university.
  • After every exam students get a break of 2 weeks.

Medical Universities in Bulgaria – Admission Requirements for Indian Students The admission requirements and process is very simple. All applicants must have scored a minimum of 70% marks in the class 12 or higher secondary exam conducted by approved board of examination in India. Overall percentage shall not be less than 70% in aggregate.

MBBS Study in Bulgaria for Indian Students – Important Facts You should Know

Duration of the course : 6 years
Proficiency of language : English
Entrance : NO
Entrance : 5.5 lakhs per year
Cost of living per month : 15 thousand to 20 thousand per month (inclusive of food and accommodation)
Population : 71 Lakhs
Language : Bulgarian
Climate : Bulgaria has a temperate-continental climate with moderate features which is characteristic for Central Europe, with hot summers, long, cold winters and very distinct seasons. Abundant snowfalls may occur throughout the country from December to mid-March
Currency : Bulgarian Lev

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